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A Better Lemonade Stand is an online ecommerce incubator, supporting early stage ecommerce entrepreneurs. Learn how to start an online business.

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A Beginner's Guide To Running Sales And Promotions On Your

Free delivery discounts (this could either be a one-off offer or free delivery could always be triggered when the shopper meets the necessary requirements) Cash incentive discounts; Volume-based discounts; Combination deals (such as when a shopper buys several items at one time) A discount on the consumer’s next purchase

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How To Provide Insanely Good Customer Service As An Online

One of the best side effects of email support is that most customers don’t expect an instant response, which helps to take some of the pressure off your customer service team. That being said, if you’re looking to provide the best possible service, you should aim to answer email messages as promptly as possible (usually within 24-48 hours).

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How To Drive External Traffic To Your Amazon Listing

Each day you send one new video as promised, but instead of sending them back to your funnel sales page, you can offer them a 20% coupon code to purchase your product on Amazon. By doing this, you’ll increase your sale conversion rates for the traffic you send to your Amazon FBA product listing.

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Facebook Relevance Score Optimization: Scale Your Facebook Ads

The example below is a subscription box company using a $5 OFF sign up incentive. Mentioning this in your ads, along with all the prizes, will help skyrocket signups and engagement. If you also give them a coupon code for signing up to the contest, they will be more likely to check out your store and use it in that session or once they see

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How To Increase Average Order Value: 12 Ways To Make More

Create a tier of savings customers can get depending on how much they buy — for example, if a customer spends $50 they get 10% off their order, if they spend $75 they get 15% off, and if they spend $100 they get 20% off.

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Your Minute Black Friday Marketing Strategy For 2020

Don’t feel pressured to offer insane sales like 50% off. 10 – 20% off can encourage enough people to buy and give you a healthy sales boost if your products don’t normally go on sale. If you’re dropshipping and margins are really thin, consider that even offering a small percentage like 5-10% off can help increase sales if you don’t

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Ecommerce UX: Improve User Experience With Customer Feedback

The word “coupon code” was by far the largest on the word cloud we created from our survey. Our user testers couldn’t figure out which button to click to add or remove items from the cart. Our user testers couldn’t figure out which button to click to add or remove items from the cart.

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Social Commerce: How To Drive Social Media Sales In 2020

It’s all about using your real customers as brand advocates (enticing them to promote your product by way of offering free giveaways, coupons, discounts, and all sorts of free “goodies”). One way to go about this is to collect relevant keywords and other brand-related searches (hashtags, for instance) on social media.

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GET STARTED GUIDE - A Better Lemonade Stand - Online

I have partnered with Shopify to offer all my subscribers 20% off all plans for the life of your business as well as a 30-day trial vs. the normal 15 days. You just need to sign up through this Sign up to eCommHub and use the coupon code LemonadeStand to receive 30% off for 3 months for any subscription on eCommHub. Spark Shipping Discount

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How To Successfully Sell Products On Amazon: Tips For

Every so often, an opportunity comes around that is so good, it’s hard to pass up. One such opportunity is to sell products on Amazon.. The draw for both new and current ecommerce sellers is the immediate reward of tapping into the ecommerce juggernaut’s massive built-in traffic stream of buyers.

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