7 Tips For Preparing For The CPS Home Inspection | Agape Press

When a social worker from CPS makes a visit to your home, it can make you nervous. Not only does a CPS representative have the power to remove your child from your home, the representative can make recommendations for subsequent visits.

Actived: Saturday Nov 28, 2020


3 Frugal Ways to Save Money on Health Care - Agape Press

“Coupons can be found from the manufacture as well as from the shop or store where you purchase your products,” said Supermarket Distributors of America. You can find coupons in daily or weekly mailers, and you can also find them online and print them off. Some stories will offer a discount card as well.

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5 Ways to Save Money on Sewing Projects | Agape Press

Never go to the fabric store without searching for coupons first. Save Your Remnants Always keep leftover fabric scraps and notions. You never know when you’ll need a small piece of fabric to finish off a future project. Having a good collection of fabrics in various colors can save you an extra trip to the fabric store and will cut down on

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