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10 Offline Marketing Strategies That Still Work Today

Give out branded goods, coupons and pamphlets, and discount cards. This builds a positive brand image that people respect. Conclusion. These tips range widely in cost and effort, but they can each impact your bottom line and mix up your marketing efforts. So welcome new technology and strategies, but don’t forget their offline roots!

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Restaurants - Build Mobile Apps - Bizness Apps

If you haven’t considered adding this to your marketing mix then you should definitely take a second look. We include your full food menu, full event list, full bar/drink specials, push notification ability, mobile coupons, FaceBook integration, Twitter integration, picture gallery, and much more – all for less than a newspaper ad each month.

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How to Avoid Mobile App Marketing Mistakes - Bizness Apps

Incentives can be anything from extra lives in games, coupons for money off, or reduced in-app purchases. Importantly, social media is going to come into play with reviews. Social proof matters where apps are concerned. Link positive reviews back to your Social Media and you set up a wonderful perpetual cycle of app love.

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How to Market Your Mobile App - Bizness Apps

Put up posters, flyers, coupons, anything! Make sure the announcement is big and loud. If there are in-app incentives and you offer free WiFi at your location, there’s no excuse for customers to not download the app. Create a QR Coupon code and display it large enough so that people ask you what it’s for.

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Make the Most of Your Mobile Marketing - Bizness Apps

Print is dead, radio is dying and pay per click is too confusing. You need a spark. The marketing you’re doing isn’t clicking the way it once did. Get ready to revamp your business model. The popularity of mobile apps is the key to changing your marketing approach. So what steps should you take to make the most of your new venture? There are several things to consider when you start a

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10 Tips for Marketing on a Shoestring Budget - Bizness Apps

Marketing for the bigger picture is obviously a good thing, but narrowing your strategy down to the local community is more important. Engage yourself with the people in your own neighborhood. Volunteer, offer services or incentives with local charities, participate in community events and leave business cards or coupons at local hangouts.

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5 Reasons Your Retail Store Needs a Mobile App - Bizness Apps

Coupons are great tools that provide incentive for customers to buy something, and an app makes the hassle of clipping out a small piece of paper from the Sunday ads a thing of the past. By simply offering 20% off exclusively through the app, you reward your most loyal customers who’ve taken the time to download your app; in turn, they feel

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Why Your Restaurant Needs a Mobile App - Bizness Apps

Let’s be honest, we’ve all been that situation, a quiet room just before lunch and your stomach decides now is the opportune time to let you know it’s hungry with a low, heavy grumble. You try to play it off, fingers crossed that not everyone in the room heard. Given it’s 2015, you’ll probably pull out your phone to avoid the awkward grumble and aimlessly search for a way to curb

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Pricing Strategies for White Label App Resellers - Bizness

To go back to the retailer metaphor, this is basically the Kohl’s model – higher-than-normal prices, but with frequent sales, coupons, or promotions. This tends to hook bargain-oriented shoppers who get excited at a “30% off” tag before noticing it’s already marked up 40% from what anyone else would charge.

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How to Build A Mobile App for Your Restaurant

6. Coupons & Discounts. Mobile-only coupons and discounts are a great way to incentivize downloads of your restaurant mobile app. These special deals are only available if you have the app, which may encourage diners to download the app, see what else it has to offer and end up keeping it, even after the coupon is used.

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