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The Funding and Tenders Portal is the single entry point (the Single Electronic Data Interchange Area) for applicants, contractors and experts in funding programmes and procurements managed by the European Commission.

Actived: Thursday Oct 22, 2020


List of additional procedure codes Code Description 1 2

stamp and international reply coupons by the State-owned company "Latvijas pasts" 52W Raw materials imported by taxable persons for technical manufacturing processes and whose value exceeds LVL 500 63W Foreign financial aid consignments 67W Supplies of human organs, human breast milk and human blood

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Taxation: infringement proceedings in the value added tax

France: VAT on goods purchased with money-off or cash-back coupons The Commission has decided to refer France to the Court of Justice for infringing the Sixth VAT Directive. France refuses to allow any adjustment of VAT deductions by manufacturers of goods who have reimbursed coupons used by final consumers in order to buy their goods at a

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Glossary | EU Science Hub

This form of promotion uses media and non-media marketing communications for a limited time to increase consumer demand, stimulate market demand, or increase product availability. Examples of consumer promotion include coupons, discounts and sales, contests, point of purchase displays, rebates, and gifts and incentive items.

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Competition weekly news summary - European Commission

The parties have offered to make landing and take-off slots available at Frankfurt and/or New York to facilitate the entry of competitors on this route. The parties are also prepared to enter into fare combinability and special prorate agreements with competitors to enable them to offer tickets on their flights and facilitate access to

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Project List - European Commission

The AQUALOOP installation kit offers complete water reuse systems including heat reclamation producing germ-free high quality effluent, irrespective of whether the input water comes from grey water from houses, run off water from wastewater treatment plants or surface water and reclaims the heat of the water at the same time.

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1 coupons and exit premium fees) …" 3. Implementation of ING's restructuring plan (17) In the framework of the First Amendment Decision, the Dutch State and ING committed that ING would repay the remaining State aid following a pre-determined repayment schedule. ING would repay in total EUR 4.5 billion in four

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FINAL FINDINGS Eurostat EDP dialogue visit to Latvia 7-9

Eurostat asked about the type of CCS, whether they are normal CCS or off-market swaps. ESA 2010 recognizes, in off-market swaps, a loan component separately from a derivative component – which is to be monitored. Each contract includes interest and principal.

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Impact assessment for revisions to Regulation 261/2004

rules on full and sequential use of coupons ability to transfer tickets to other people cooling off period after confirming a booking ability to correct obvious mistakes free of charge improved means to get in contact with airlines if there is a problem Ι Airlines consider there is no need for further regulation – the deregulated

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coupons and vouchers, or through the sale of advertising space; (c) The provision of data analytics services to the JV Co's Transactions and advertising customers in respect of data collected from both its Transaction services and advertising services6.

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Study on the situation of third- country nationals pending

TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Austria 1 2. Belgium 16 3. Bulgaria 32 4. Switzerland 47 5. Cyprus 61 6. The Czech Republic 69 7. Germany 82

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