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A Quick Guide to the Edmunds Car Value Tool. The Edmunds calculator for used car values bases its pricing on data from a wide variety of sources, including dealer transactions, depreciation costs

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Auto Parts Bargains and Coupons - Page 12 — Car Forums at

Auto Parts Bargains and Coupons Current 5% off coupon code expires on January 22, 2012: 76101116299096 Enter the code in the "How did you hear about us" box in the shopping cart. 0. stever Posts: 52,462. November 2011 edited November 2011. Google Offers - $6 auto show ticket. Usually $12.

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Auto Parts Bargains and Coupons - Page 13 — Car Forums at

I saw coupons on the necks of 5-quart size jugs at Walmart on Pennzoil products. They had an aisle display as well as the dispensing rack. $5 off the 5-quart bottle or $1 off up to 5 1-quart bottles. Instant coupon at register--no mailing. This Walmart is in West Central Ohio. Your area may vary.

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Auto Parts Bargains and Coupons - Page 11 — Car Forums at

Online Advance Auto Parts $5 off $15 coupon. Code BIG5. Free in-store pickup available. Mail in rebate on Armor AA via AutoZone. Get something on the rebate list for $3.99 (up to $10) and get up to $10 back. Expires 12/31/11. Jeep Cherokee Sport Stroller for your kiddo. 45% off at Amazon. $44.00.

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Auto Parts Bargains and Coupons - Page 7 — Car Forums at

Auto Parts Bargains and Coupons The whole site is 15% off and free ground shipping through May 25, '09, for orders over $50. Never done business with them but I've been to their site before and they look like a good outfit. I don't think I've ever seen Weathertech on sale before.

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2020 BMW X5 Lease Deals and Prices - Page 7 — Car Forums

I am getting 9% off MSRP - $6,459 - They are building me the car and i couldn't get him to go to 10% as he offered 10% if i take one off the LOT I also get $2250 in rebates for being an existing BMW customer and UDE event discount ($1,000)

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Subaru Incentives and Rebates - Subaru Discounts | Edmunds

Browse the latest Subaru Incentives and Rebates in your area at Edmunds.com. Find the best Subaru discounts and current offers.

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Frantz oil filters and other gimmicks — Car Forums at

Frantz oil filters and other gimmicks isellhondas Issaquah Washington Posts: 20,225. December 2000 edited March 2014 in disconnect your muffler, roll up the windows, drive with bare feet, take off the antenna, bump the timing, disconnect your belt-driven fan (won't need it at high speeds), use your cruise control, drive on the flats on a

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Toyota Sienna Extended Warranty & Service Offers - Page 3

As for the prepaid maintenance cost plan, I would say not worth it. You can deal with each service when it is time, and get coupons/offers/% off, so it does not make sense to pay for it all upfront now.

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BMW 3-Series AWD - Pros and Cons - Page 2 — Car Forums at

I saw the question of the best snow tire and it is by far made by Nokian. I just got a set of Nokian WR G2's from Josh at tiresbyweb.com. He said for February they are offering $10 off each Nokian tire! Use coupon code CARCLUB. Figured I would pass it along.

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Honda Odyssey Care and Maintenance - Page 8 — Car Forums

Bad things can happen if the timing belt fails. Check around for better prices from Honda dealers. I've found a dealer that charges $400.00 and you can get 10 or 15% coupons off from their internet site also. I checked with one independent shop and their price was same as most dealers.

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