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Learn and Laugh Together. Try our sample Month of Morning Time ready-made plans. We’ve chosen the artwork, poems, books, music and more. You can open and go because we’ve done all the hard work for you.

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HSP 006 Jen Dunlap: More Than Enough Love

Jen Dunlap is an encourager. She encourages her six kids as she homeschools them, and she has a heart for encouraging other homeschool moms. I am so happy to bring you this episode today — I think it will inspire and bless you as we chat being counter-cultural, how we keep focused while homeschooling, and beating the bad days.

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Morning Time Annual Subscription

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YMB #47 Morning Time and the Only Child: A Conversation

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YMB #36 Invitation to Imagine: A Conversation with Sheila

We all know that we should read to our children, but there are also benefits to the practice of telling our children stories. On this episode of the podcast Charlotte Mason educator and master storyteller Sheila Carroll is here to talk about the benefits of sharing stories, some techniques to use, and how to enchant your children with wonderful tales.

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HS 186 The Real Mom Tour Hits the Road with Colleen

Today on the podcast I am joined by my good friends Sarah Mackenzie and Colleen Kessler to chat about our new adventure next year — the Real Mom Tour with Great Homeschool Conventions.

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YMB #54 Natural Foreign Language Learning: A Conversation

Links and resources from today’s show: SPONSOR: Maestro Classics Adelaide’s Website – TalkBox.Mom – Use coupon code pambarnhill to get $20 off or pambarnhillbook to get $5 off TalkBox.Mom on Instagram, @talkboxmom TalkBox.Mom on Facebook; Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark

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HS 192: Passing the Baton with Wendy Speake

All good things must come to an end and this is one of those cases. I have decided to turn my focus to Morning Baskets in 2020 and beyond and therefore am stepping down as host of the Homeschool Solutions show.

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HS 166: Homeschool Planning for Pregnancy and a Newborn

There is nothing that can more joyfully throw a homeschool year off balance than pregnancy and a new baby. Moms have so much to do already and now throw morning sickness, extreme fatigue, and a new born into the mix and homeschooling gets even harder.

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Pam Barnhill

“I’m a second-generation homeschooler. When I was a kid I was learned to eat the frog first, and that’s a fine approach. But Morning Time gives us a great way to start off the day. If we’re running on a tighter schedule, and we skip Morning Time, I’ve noticed that the attitudes are a little more abrasive.

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HSP 057 Gina Munsey: Homeschooling a Gifted Daughter

Homeschooling a profoundly gifted child can bring lots of challenges others may not completely understand. Want to take a peek into the world of homeschooling gifted kids? Don’t miss this conversation with Gina Munsey — second generation homeschooler and mom to the brilliantly asynchronous Aveline.

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