Psychic Sex And The Art Of Connecting With Future Lovers

It's no secret that sex is about so much more than just physical touch. But as some people will tell you, this idea also extends to the possibility of experiencing pleasure with your partner from a distance via psychic connections — and the good news is that anyone can feasibly do it with some practice.

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The Best Free Stuff You Can Get For Voting Tomorrow - PAPER

They are giving away 50% off promo codes on rides to the polls — and offering free rides to underserved communities through partnerships with non-profits. Uber will give you $10 off the most affordable ride to the polls in your city.. Make sure you have the most recent version of the app, and enter promo code VOTE2018. Getaround is offering $10 off your election day ride.

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99 Cent Stores: An Expert's Guide - PAPER

We all get Jack's coupons in the mail as part of those wonderful ValPacks, which regularly arrive from the gods. Keep yours in a safe place and take it with you when you shop, and you get a dollar off after spending 10 bucks. A free can of peas is nothing to scoff at! *Leave your shame at home.

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The 10 Best, Worst and Weirdest New Sex Toys For Long

Sex toys aren't just for solo sex. 81% of women and 91% of men who have used vibrators say they've brought them to bed with a partner. But what happens when lovers can't be in the same bedroom?With long-distance relationships increasingly common, couples often want ways to keep the passion alive acr

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Zain Curtis' X-Rated "Blood & Cum" Zine Will Make You

100 percent was done by myself. I was on a very tight budget so I bought studio lights off Amazon, went to JoAnn's and got half-off fabrics and doubled up coupons. I would go to Goodwill every day right when they were setting their Halloween items out. I collected things for a week then did most the zine over a three-day span, which was around

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High School Senior Retakes Yearbook Photo With Ring Light

Majority of this look was created using @starcrushedminerals 💕 my coupon code "JAMES" gets you 50% off everything. 👀 to cut my crease I used matte shadows in orchid, magenta, and haute pink. On my lid I used the "carpe diem" glitter 😍 & finally for highlight I used "rosy future"!

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iRi: The Breakout Shoe Brand You'll Either Love or Hate

PAPER: What did you see was missing from the footwear industry when you launched iRi?. Janet Yeung: I felt that there were not enough custom developments in the market—meaning, that generally smaller brands (and quite a lot of bigger brands) buy components off the shelf and decorate the outside of the shoe.We approached it by investing into a custom sneaker sole and custom heel, as we felt

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@420OldFatLesbians Interview: Love Advice From Instagram

Their sense of humor is horny but wholesome, steeped in lesbian culture (their dyke memes frequently pop off). And their comedy defies demographic stereotypes: kink jokes are followed by reference to a shoulder surgery (Sue and Lee don't reveal their ages, simply saying they're "in the third trimester of life").

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